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Finding top talent is tough. Use Masterclass to seamlessly train your staff with the most up-to-date, yet timeless, Amazon ads education. Ensure quality delivery of service for clients and streamline your processes. Provide continuing education resources to keep your managers on the cutting edge with our regularly updated and curated content library.


Tired of the self-doubt, not sure if you’re maximizing your potential on Amazon? Need to offload some responsibility to a qualified manager? Maybe you’re looking to hire internally and just need a system to train someone up quickly. Masterclass has everything you need to confidently manage your PPC solo or train staff.


This is who we are. We come from a background of Agency and Freelance ad management. We want to help you make your mark on the industry too. We’ll provide you with the knowledge, tools, accountability, and templates we use to close deals, win new business, and create an abundant career in the e-Commerce space.

We're pulling back the curtains to show as many people as possible the tactics and strategies we use to grow sales and manage ads on Amazon. Click the button to fill out the form and get access to a sneak preview training.

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  • Over 20 Hours of Comprehensive Training: Dive deep into 50+ modules, ranging from Amazon Ads basics to advanced tactics, bulk operations, reporting, Excel training, keyword bidding calculations, campaigns structure, and so much more.

  • Exclusive Access to Members Area & Private Discord Community: Network with fellow members and Amazon experts inside the private community where you can further learn, engage in discussions, refer each other new business opportunities, and access exclusive content.

  • Continuous Support & Lifetime Access: Benefit from monthly Q&A sessions, regular strategic discussions, and 24/7 Discord chat support. We plan to continually add to the Masterclass as we get feedback on additional content to create. This purchase gets you lifetime access to everything we already have and everything we create in the future.

  • Practical Training Modules: Enhance your business operations & train your staff with reliable strategies that work and have passed the test of time.

  • Proven PPC Bidding Strategies: Apply our strategies to help improve your ACOS and grow sales. We lay out all the details and secrets and the processes that help us manage accounts of 9+ Figure brands with ease.

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Andrew Bailiff

Andrew has been working in the digital marketing space since he was 19 years old where he got started helping local businesses get new customers and leads using social media ads.

Andrew ran his first ad on Amazon back in 2015 when he was first testing out selling products on Amazon. He eventually pivoted from social media to going all-in on Amazon Ads.

He now manages client budgets exceeding $1M/month in media spend across Amazon, Walmart, Target and other retailers.

At this point, he has worked with hundreds of different Amazon brands of all sizes, trained PPC managers for the last 4 years, and enjoys sharing his insights on social media and podcasts.


Stephen worked as a corporate trainer and specialized in team development, learning management systems, and business education.

Eventually his love for numbers and data led him to make a career change to digital marketing.

In 2018 he landed his first job in the Amazon PPC space. Since then, he has gotten to build PPC software solutions;

He has consulted hundreds of sellers, advertisers, and agencies;

He has managed client accounts with budgets exceeding $1M/mo, and contributed to the expanding knowledge base of Amazon Ads through podcasts and articles.


  • Access to That Amazon Ads Masterclass Training Modules

  • Access to Our EXACT Amazon PPC Bidding Strategies That Get Results

  • Access to Private Discord Community

  • Excel/Google Sheet Templates and Macros

  • Clearly Defined SOPs and Processes for Managing Amazon Ad Campaigns

  • One Free Month of AdLabs

  • Over 20 hours of content to bring the most value possible

  • 50+ modules teaching you everything you need to know about Amazon Ads

  • Interactive members area with tangible assignments and action steps to solidify your learnings

  • Access to Bulk Operations 101

  • Access to Amazon Excel Reporting course


  • Private Members-Only Content Library

  • Access to Private Discord Community

  • Access to Q&A Live Coaching Calls

  • Discord Chat Support 24/7

  • One-on-One Discord Chat Support

  • Accountability, Goal Setting, Growth-Minded Community

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